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The year is about to end, but I still find ways to hurt, disappoint, and fail. At this point, I think it’s a special talent that only I have. How blessed am I to be a perfect disappointment?

With this great power, which I am so lucky to be blessed with, comes an astronomically colossal amount of guilt.

And most of the time, as pathetic as it sounds, I know that all I can say is I’m sorry.

Here are my last-minute apologies. For you, for him, for her, for them, for everyone.

I’m sorry for being born like this…

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At one point, all things reach a boiling point. The planet itself has experienced it millions of years ago, when a rock hit the reset button. Everything burned, sizzled, evaporated, disappeared into smoke.

Just like the piece of bread you left in the toaster for too long, and the chocolate bar you accidentally placed beside your warm laptop. Everything reaches a point where it boils, simmers down, and be reduced to nothingness.

But this year, nothing of the sort happened. The year 2020 didn’t reach a boiling point. It didn’t spill over and burn us.

Instead, it froze solid. A…

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It’s an age-old story.

Nobody knows where it started. Who told it first? Was it truth or fiction?

Or was it the start of everything? Was it just history being retold over and over?

Not once, not twice, not thrice. Too many times.

Two people are put in two different rooms.

So close, but too far to touch. A barrier stands between them. No letter, no manual, no guide on how to get rid of it.

This wall between them is clear as water, and thin as paper. But the two individuals can’t get through.

It should be easy. It…

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Isn’t this the coolest logo ever?

Hi. My name is Gay. Just Gay, no last name.

And I love reading. In my twenty-two years alive, I have always found comfort and company in books. I love the smell of them, the feeling of holding them to my chest when I read a particularly intense chapter, I love the essence that the authors leave in their books — the ghosts that float along pages, preserving the authors’ spirit within. Books have proven to be my most reliable friends in all the successes and struggles of my life.

That is the reason why I want to talk about…

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Created by TurnFollow

This game. This gaaaaame. THIS GAME.

I’m pretty sure you know about the Untitled Goose Game. If you don’t, you need to go check it out, and play it if you can. The reason why I downloaded this game was because its art reminded me so much of the goose game. I’m not sure what this type of art is called but I love it. The colors are so vibrant and warm, and it makes me happy just looking at it.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is an interactive story game about four people going on an overnight camping trip. …

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Creator: George Batchelor

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.

Let the wind wash over you as a wave.

Don’t think about death.

You will be alright.

Keep breathing.

This one caught my interest when I was scrolling through my newly purchased games. It has a very unique story. You’re stuck inside a car that’s on the edge of a cliff, teetering every now and then on the line of life and death.

You’re in a terrifying situation, what do you do? Well, you talk to yourself. Reflect. Breathe. And talk to the wandering stag.

First off, I want to say that this…

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I purchased’s “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” for five dollars and got more than a thousand games. It was insane. I figured that, since I now own this many games, I should make use of my love of writing to merge my two main interests in life, and write reviews about the games I tried out.

The first game I downloaded from the bundle was Arcade Spirits.

I took my time with this game. I was dipping my toes in foreign waters. …


Hi, I have opinions and I like writing them.

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